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bbtan ball list unique legendary

BBTAN Ball List (Unique and Legendary Balls included!)

We are back with fresh list of almost every ball in BBTAN. If you are ball hunting you propably want to know which ball to look for especially. Normal balls are dropped from Blue Ball in the Get Ball machine and Uniques along with Legendary drop from Rare Red Balls. This comprehensive list will cover most of your wanted information. We have divided the list into 3 transparent categories. Some of the balls will have special ability explanation added for your convenience. The list is in the alphabetical order.


NORMAL Balls – almost all of these carry no real use in the game.

111% – 4.07MM111% bbtan ball

APPLE – 2.70MMapple bbtanBASKET BALL – 4.00MM
basket ball bbtanBUBBLE – 3.45MM
bubble bbtanBUBBLE2 – 4.38MMbubble2 bbtanDRAGON BALL – 4.00MMdragon ball bbtanFLOWER RING – 4.37MMflower ring bbtanMARS – 8.00MMmars bbtanORANGE – 3.18MMorange bbtanPANDA – 3.58MMpanda bbtanSOCCER BALL – 4.00MMsoccer ball bbtanTARGET – 3.46MMtarget bbtanWATER MELON – 3.93MMwater melon bbtan


UNIQUE Balls – some of these are called unique for special ability and some just because of visual presence

ARCTURUS – 19.32MM – we don’t need to explain why it is unique. It is simply the biggest ball in the BBTAN.arcturus bbtan uniqueCOLOR POP – 3.50MMcolor pop bbtan uniqueDRAGONS – 1.72MM – When moving, it leaves behind a special graphic effect; occasionally it goes between two figures diagonally but it’s very hard to achieve.dragons bbtan uniqueFLOWER – 3.20MMflower bbtan uniqueGOLDEN BALL – 4.20MM – It has unique way of getting the ball – TAP the BBTAN logo 10 times to get this one. A message will appear to confirm your prize.golden ball bbtan uniquehow to get hidden golden secret ball bbtanHAMBURGER – 3.40MMhamburger bbtan uniqueINFLAMED EYE – 4.00MMinflamed eye bbtan uniqueSUN – 11.00MMsun bbtan uniqueUP19 – 4.00MMup19 bbtan unique

LEGENDARY Balls – almost every ball from this category has a special ability!

15KM – 3.76 MM – 15KM Ball is exceptionally faster than other balls. It is especially useful when you are farming Get Ads – you can lose each game faster and Get Coins more efficiently.15km bbtan legendaryNINJA STAR – 3.81 MM – Ninja star flies in random direction each time it’s being shot. It can be either a winner or loser star bbtan legendarySQUARE – 4.78 – Square ‘ball’ can bounce off the figures in a random pattern. It can prove helpful and it’s better to play than Ninja Star in our opinion.square bbtan legendarySUPER SMALL BALL – BBTAN’s official best ball, the secret about it is that it can fly between the Squares and Triangles destroying very rapidly the figures that it’s between! It should be your ultimate goal.super small ball bbtan legendaryBBTAN MONSTER – 4.29MM – This is the hardest ball to get in the BBTAN game. We don’t know how it behaviors on the board because we have found this picture on the Internet. Only the chosen few will get to play with this one. No side effects are known by us so far, sorry! bbtan monster ball legendary


We hope you liked our BBTAN ball list. We will keep it updated very frequently with the balls that are missing at the moment.


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