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cctan ball list legendary unique normal

CCTAN Ball List – constantly updated list of every ball in the game along with Legendary and Unique ones

As usual we are coming up with resources about 111% games! This time we are going for the fresh CCTAN game. You probably want to know which balls are the ones to look for. We are aware that we do not cover every ball at the moment but it will be updated almost daily! In this edition, you can get balls by making The Elephant ‘poo’. The more it gets red at the moment of tapping the animal, the more your chance raises to get Unique/Legendary ball (up to 20% more). This mechanism makes it a lot harder to hunt for better balls than in BBTAN prequel. Sadly, again as in its predecessor, you can get a lot of repeated ball drops which makes it very annoying to hunt for every single one. Also, there are some balls from previous game! Let’s get going with the list, as usual, the balls are sorted from A to Z and by uniqueness categories.
NORMAL Balls – in our opinion these balls are only made to waste your coins.
111% – 6.00mmcctan 111% ball ANIMAL BALL – 4.80mm cctan animal ball BASE BALL – 5.00mm cctan base ball
BASIC- 5.00mm – the classic ball you get from the startcctan basic ballBILLIARD BALL – 4.50mm
cctan billiard ballCALL – 5.00mm
cctan call ballCAMERA LENS – 5.00mmcctan camera lens ballCAPTAIN Q – 5.00mmcctan captain q ball CAT EYE – 6.00mm cctan cat eye ball CLOUD – 5.60mm cctan cloud ball COFFEE BEAN – 4.00mmcctan coffee bean ballCOIN – 5.00mmcctan coin ballCOLOUR BAR – 4.40mmcctan colour barDIMSUM – 4.80mmcctan dimsum ball DONUT – 5.00mm cctan donut ballERROR – 5.20mm cctan error ball FLY BIRD – 4.80mmcctan fly bird ballFRIED EGG – 5.20mmcctan fried egg ballGOLD RING – 5.00mmcctan gold ring ballMEAT – 5.40mmcctan meat ballMIRRORBALL – 6.20mmcctan mirrorballMY LIPS – 5.20mm cctan my lips ball NINZA – 4.60mmcctan ninza ballPIZZA – 5.20mmcctan pizza ballRED DOT – 5.50mm cctan red dot ballREFRESH – 5.60mmcctan refresh ballSKELETON – 4.50mmcctan skeleton ballSMOG – 5.80mmcctan smog ballTOOTH – 4.40mm cctan tooth ballTUTLE’S SHELL – 5.50mm cctan turtle's shell ballYOUR FACE :p – 4.50mm – this one has actually got us smile on our faces when we got it, the developer has a cool sense of humor :) cctan your face ball


UNIQUE BallsCCTAN Unique Balls as it name suggests, are in some way unique, distinctive from normal balls. Mostly in this game it’s because of unusual dimensions and looks. Sadly there are a lot less of these in this game edition…
COLOR FLOWER – 4.80mm – Color Flower leaves a shining trace behind it, other than that this one acts normally like every usual ball. cctan color flower unique ball
ELEPHANT – 12.00mm – main, iconic character of CCTAN, Elephant Ball is a lot larger than usual balls, additionally it can bounce of its big ears which can prove assist in surviving your time at the board. cctan elephant unique ball
FISH – 5.50mm – the Fish Ball in CCTAN acts somewhat like a bullet or a rocket. It differs with only aestheticalscctan fish unique ballROCKET – 5.20mm – as with the previous ‘ball’, the Rocket Ball CCTAN Acts similarly to the Fish one.cctan rocket unique ball

LEGENDARY BallsCCTAN Legendary Balls have special abilities to play with. These abilities can either help you or break your game, depends on how you aim and use it.

YOUR PHONE – 5.50mm – during playing this one we have noticed it acts almost the same as square ball in BBTAN. The ‘Your Phone Ball’ sometimes randomly bounces off the targets you have aimed at. This is very random so you can sometimes lose very early because of that. cctan your phone legendary ball


As you have probably noticed, there are not a lot of uniques and legendaries listed here. It’s because of that the game is very new and we still need to discover all of them! We are however commited to the task and will provide you full list as soon as it’s possible. Also, we will appreciate any help given with the task in the comments below or on our fanpage ApkModDB. Have fun in the game and remember to visit us often for more information!


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