Clash Royale – Review and Introduction

Clash Royale developed by Supercell Studios is a remarkable game similar to highly rated Clash of Clans with over one million downloads on Playstore and other app providers. It is a new android game that was released on 3RD January 2016. It is a multiplayer card collection dueling game that offers numerous card upgrades.

Except for Clash of Clans, Supercell Studios are renowned for other games such as Hay day and Boom Beach and now the latest release; Clash Royale. Although the game-play is relatively unique, this game features the famous characters; The Royales from Clash of Clans. It also displays eminent Clash rewards, lineups and arenas.

The game is available for IOS and android users but can also be played on PCs if you run it using android emulator Bluestacks.

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The user must develop a unique array of cards used to challenge other opponents in one-vs.-one duels. Succeeding challenges will give access to chests containing new cards. One unique feature about this game is the user’s ability to build a vast card sharing community.

The games features include;

-Diminishing towers belonging to opponents to win crowns that unlock more chests of cards.

-Using the chests gained from previous contests to upgrade existing cards, get new ones and unlock various rewards.

-Mastering the collection of cards while discovering Clash’ magic, defense walls and troops.

-Discovering ways to defeat rivals using their weak points, forming a battle clan and having superior decks.

– Come up ways to use to be always on top of the list.

-Engaging clanmates and other clans in duel fights to alienate weaker ones and finally sitting back and watching the empire grow.

Tip: Learn various tricks used by watching remarkable duels on The Royale Channel.

Below you can see the official introduction to the game:

Most cards can be upgraded so long as they have been owned by the player. The player might also engage in tasks such as making protections, learning spells and discovering, selecting and making Clash’ clan troops. The main idea is to fight through the arenas and make it to the top of the list; however it calls for tact and cautiousness while invading others.

Although many people especially gamers and reviewers claim that Clash Royale is similar to Clash of Clans; this is not the case. Clash Royale is a whole new package of thoughts put together by the same developer to give gamers the chance to interact with their favorite characters once again.

Being a free download on Playstore; Clash Royale has great offers in purchases that give access to the game’s wide collection of various item upgrades to its users. This is made possible by the easily accessible in-app purchase feature available on the menu. The game is also interactive and might suggest some important upgrades.

Clash Royale’s uncertainty especially when opening chests will definitely leave gamers glued to their screens and begging for more from Supercell Studios. The three dimension high graphic animations, controls and sounds of this game are very impressive.

This games does not have much complexity, it is easy to understand. Doesn’t require going through the help manual over and over again. Download it today!

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