How to play – BBTAN Guide with Tips and Tricks.


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As you probably know, this game is addictive as hell. Every free moment is usually spent with it in hand. But have you been playing this game properly all the time? We have prepared some steps for you to aid in the gameplay – less time wasting and more enjoyment! Most of these tricks you probably didn’t even know, we have discovered them during spending our time in the game ourselves.
Okay, let’s start:

1. The most basic tip is to get Coins both during playing by collecting the small coins and after losing the game clicking the Get Coin video ad (Internet connection needed). There are usually from 2 to 4 ads; each one gives from 50 to 100 coins.

2. Good idea when beating your record is to turn off your Internet connection – when clicking ‘One More Chance’ it won’t eat up your ‘Get Coin’ credit. You can use this once per every game. From our observation, the ads refresh approx. every 12 hours.

3. Don’t worry about the timer ticking down the time. NOTHING happens after 30:00 time goes by. It will change from timer to ‘So what?’.

30 minute so what BBTAN troll

4. Here’s a crazy one – after you aim and shoot and before every ball is launched, you can turn off the game completely and start it up again to have the game go back in time before the shot so you can fix the angle!

5. Each time you lose a game you can get a ball from the raffle machine which resets each time you enter the it, aim for the Red Big balls which contain only Unique and Legendary balls.

6. When you accumulate a lot of coins you probably want to farm the special balls – using 15km one helps here a lot, just spam with the balls and finish the game – the secret is – when you first press get ball and then go to get coin video ad, you can go again to try raffling the uniques in the machine.

7. Each Unique and Legendary ball has some special attribute connected to it – ie. 15Km ball moves faster than others, Ninja Star spreads around when shooting, Square can bounce in interesting way, etc. – you should try to get every one of it and try it out – just for fun.

8. How to get unique ball that you get prompted about on the main game screen? It’s simple – tap the BBTAN logo 10 times, a confirmation message will appear that you’ve unlocked it.

9. Do not always hit the laser power-up when it appears, it might be beneficial to hold on until it can hit more figures on the board.

10. A good idea is to shoot the ball directly into the purple bump power-up – the balls like to block between the bump and figures which makes them hit more times.

11. The way to get the best record is having the “Super Small Ball”. Its’ size is only 0.79mm thanks to which it makes the SSB able to go between the squares and triangles. It is a very powerful method to clear the game board but it’s very tricky to achieve. We have got so far 235 Score with it, what is yours? Feel free to let us know in the comment section. :)

Super Small Ball BBTAN

We hope you have enjoyed our BBTAN Guide, we will try to supply you guys with the best and useful content. We hope you will now know how to play BBTAN efficiently with the help of our guide with tips and of course wish you the highest score after using our helpful advice.


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