How to use Android apps on your PC (Bluestacks)

Using any Android app on a computer is not possible as we all know, but there’s a little trick that makes you able to do so. You have probably heard about Bluestacks or any other Android OS emulator. With this little program we can play games (ie. Clash of Clans, Candy Crush Saga) and other apps (for example Snapchat or WhatsApp). This is a livesaver for people ‘trapped’ with Windows OS devices or anyone who does have pre-android handy hardware. Sadly only people with Windows on their computer will be able to use this emulator since the MacOS version is filled with bugs and is using old emulated Android system.

What are the minimum requirements to be able to run Bluestacks on your PC?

-Having Windows 7, 8 or 8.1 installed on your computer.

-Being Administrator on your Windows PC Account.

-Having at least 2GB of memory (RAM) in your machine.

-Empty 4GB+ of Disk Space on your hard drive.

-The newest graphic drivers (AMD/Nvidia) installed.

NOTE: Bluestacks emulator is NOT compatible with BitDefender software (unable to install both on same machine).

Step 1 – Download Bluestacks and start the installation process. Note that it’s installed on C:/ partition by default – you can change this setting to suit your needs.

Download link (Starts automatically, 259MB size).

bluestacks install

Step 2 – Allow Bluestacks to install App Store Access and App Notifications (using apps will not work without these two components).

bluestacks app notifications

Step 3 – After installing the emulator navigate to the search tab.

bluestacks search

Step 4 – We are going to use Clash of Clans for example purposes, type your desired app name into the search box and click on it.

bluestacks coc

Step 5 – BS will ask you to synchronize and login to your Google account. This step is obligatory to download and use apps from the Play market so just do as it tells you to.

google play synchronization

Step 6 – Navigate to the app on Google Play and install it.

coc google play

Last step – The app will be automatically installed so just sit back and enjoy your time until it gets done. Happy playing!

clash of clans bluestacks gameplay

Please leave us feedback if you find anything problematic or are just curious about anything in the comments below. Bluestacks Emulator might differ a little bit from screens we are showing since it’s ongoing development constantly.  We are not responsible for any losses or damages made to any of your goods during using our advice, however we have tested it ourselves and confirm that it is safe to use.


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