The most used Android Apps in 2016

Google Play Store offers a vast number of applications for Android devices. Although they come in hundreds of thousands in numbers, only a few of these apps are actually used by people around the world. You need to know that not all apps, which are made available for you to download, are useful or can answer your needs. However, the very few of them are considered must-haves not just because they are popular, but also because of the improved functionality.

Here is a list of top Android apps 2016 that individuals across the globe use the most:

1. Facebook – To most people nowadays, there are only two reasons for using the internet – Facebook and others. It has become a primary way for people to keep in touch with others, even at the other side of the globe. Moreover, Facebook has the latest news about everyone and everything; the photos and videos of family, friends, and people we even don’t know; the different games we play, and many more. Thus, it is not surprising if it has gained the top spot of the most used Android apps today.

2. YouTube – Another app that individuals would not want to forget to install on their phones or tablets is the music-video app, YouTube. Most Android devices, if not all, have YouTube app pre-installed. In here, you can watch what the hottest and latest music videos, the trending in the world of entertainment, news, games, and others can also be watched through this platform.

android apps 2016

3. Facebook Messenger – This app makes it easier for users to chat, send and receive photos, and free VoIP calls with their Facebook friends, without the need of using the primary app.

4. Google Search – Well, every Android device is also pre-installed with this app. With this app, Google’s search engine can now be accessed easily from mobile devices.

5. Google Play – Previously known as Android Market, this app is Google’s official store and home for Android apps, games, music, and other contents.

If you don’t have it on your device, you can download it here.

6. Google Maps – One of the most popular map and navigation app of today. It offers not just map layers, friend mapping, nearby services, there’s also an available navigation for walking, driving, or riding.

7. GMail – This app allows you to manage your email. It has simple design but can actually work fast. Also, the app can supports multiple accounts, adding IMAP, POP, and Exchange making it the best email client for Android.

android play store

8. Instagram – If you are looking for a platform that can instantly enhance photos and videos, then share it on different social media platforms, Instagram is definitely the one you are looking for. Furthermore, you can like or comment the photos shared by other users if it interest you. Tagging other users is also possible if you want them to view the photo or comment you posted.

This list will somehow let you be guided when choosing the right apps for your Android phones or tablets. Again, not because these apps are popular, but because many have found these apps useful to their daily life, making them the most used apps these days.


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